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Livlyhood Episode #10: Making Your Mental Health a Priority at Work

Caitlin Magidson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), and Certified Career Coach providing both counseling and career coaching services in the Washington DC region and remotely to clients around the world. She is trained to work with clients navigating life transitions experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Caitlin also works…

Livlyhood Episode 9: Why Politicians Need to Hear from Women

Meg Walter is a mother of three and a writer for The Beehive, where she writes about culture, entertainment, and if she’s bugged enough, politics. Today on Livlyhood she talks with Host Britt Larsen about how to get involved with policy and politics if it isn’t something you’re naturally inclined to do. Meg recently wrote…

Livlyhood Episode 8: So you want to get promoted?

Livlyhood host Britt Larsen chats about the habits that women need to build before asking for a raise. Too often the focus of a raise is on the ASK, instead of the behavior you need to change BEFORE the ask that will lead to getting what you want. It is critical that you are set…

Livlyhood Episode 7: The Unapologetic Art of the Deal

Today’s episode is an incredibly inspiring conversation with an amazingly successful real estate developer. Tanya Ragan was recently named one of the 100 National Commercial Real Estate Influencers for 2019 in the United States by The Business Journals. Real Estate isn’t an easy industry to tap into generally since it’s so risky, but it’s especially risky as a woman in Dallas.

Tanya walks Livlyhood listeners through how to unapologetically by yourself at work, support the women around you and how to make money doing it.