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Livlyhood Episode 12: Building Your Own Brand

Livlyhood host Britt Larsen talks about why it’s critical for women to build their own brand at work. She walks through three ways women can be more aware of the way they come across at work, share their accomplishments, and make sure that your boss knows your value.

About the author, Brittany

Britt Larsen, Creator and Host of Livlyhood, is a champion of women in the workplace. She created Livlyhood to celebrate working women and to help them find joy in their jobs.

By day, Britt is a Vice President at an award-winning marketing and public affairs firm in Salt Lake City. She loves working with clients to help them refine their message and encourage people to engage civically. By night, Britt runs Livlyhood and freelance writes for several publications, including Verily and Entrepreneur.

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