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Episode 15: The All Encompassing Struggles of Infertility

I’m honored to have such an amazing guest speaking about a topic that is now very personal to me. In this episode I share about my own infertility journey and how it’s impacted my career path. I’ve wrestled with sharing this so publicly, but when I first went through fertility treatments I couldn’t find many…

Episode 14: Cultivating Better Communication with Coworkers

Livlyhood host Britt Larsen discusses the need for better communication practices in the workplace to ensure that you’re presenting your best self. This episode’s message is critical for anyone who manages a team, works with lots of different personalities or needs help improving how they communicate… so, everyone! 

Livlyhood Episode #13: Dealing with a Difficult Boss

At some point in your career you’ll encounter a really difficult manager or supervisor, and it’s best that you’re prepared. If you’ve already dealt with a toxic boss you know that it’s tough and you need to be ready to handle it again! Join Livlyhood host Britt Larsen and Holistic life coach Emma Kaufman as Emma walks listeners through helpful tips to deal with toxic managers. 

Emma is a holistic life coach who helps people strengthen their intuition so that they can manifest abundance in their lives. She holds space for clients to heal past trauma, break through fear and shift mindsets to get unstuck and evolve!

Livlyhood Episode 12: Building Your Own Brand

Livlyhood host Britt Larsen talks about why it’s critical for women to build their own brand at work. She walks through three ways women can be more aware of the way they come across at work, share their accomplishments, and make sure that your boss knows your value. 

Livlyhood Episode 11: Making Your Home A Haven

Interior Designer Adrienne Anderson joins the Livlyhood podcast to share her tactical tips on how working women can make their homes a refuge from their workplaces. It doesn’t require a lot (or even any!) money to change your space. Join the conversation and to work with Adrienne or see her projects, go to