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I'm Britt. But Livlyhood is not about me... it's about all of the amazing working women we're surrounded by and their stories.

This is a place that you can ask questions and learn from other working women. So glad you're here!

How We Can Work Together

Resume REview &

Let's work together on your resume to help you be setup for success!

Career Confidence Coaching

Together, we will come up with a plan whether it be for goals for your career, new job, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

events &

I'd love to come to your organization or event and speak about working women's issues.

Meet The Featured
Women of Livlyhood

Meet Ruth: Human Resources Business Partner

By Brittany Larsen | March 20, 2019

Tell us a little about yourself and your career I am currently a Human Resources Business Partner within a large, global software company. We are preparing to spin out my business unit to become a brand new, privately-held, small company, where I will be the HR leader and have the opportunity to build up HR…

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Meet Brittany Ratelle: Attorney for Creative Entrepreneurs

By Brittany Larsen | March 13, 2019

I found Brittany Ratelle on Instagram and I’m so glad she’s been willing to share her story! She is SO helpful and the happiest lawyer I’ve ever seen. I love that she’s paving her own way and changing the stereotypes around her profession. Tell us a little about yourself and your career I studied PR as an undergrad…

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Meet Moka Best: Triathlete & Health Advocate

By Brittany Larsen | March 6, 2019

Moka Best is one of my favorite people on the planet and I’m so thrilled to be sharing her today!!! She is a boss, mom, marketer, and loves her people so well. I will never forget meeting her at work and having her tell me about her four children and how much she’s conquered in…

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Features Meet Andrea Palesh: Director, Choreographer & Dancer

By Brittany Larsen | February 27, 2019

I’ve been dying to share Andrea Palesh for ages because she was my dance teacher in high school! I loved modern dance and her creative energy has always impressed me. She is a successful professional dancer based in New York City, and I’m so obsessed with what she has to share today, Tell us a…

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How can I Help you Succeed in your Career?

By Brittany Larsen | February 20, 2019

Now that I’ve been running Livlyhood for a little over a year, I’ve recognized a few gaps in the kind of support women lack for their careers. Women are notorious for not asking for help when we really need it (I know from experience!) so I wanted to give back in a helpful way. This week, I want…

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Working with Britt as my career coach was so transformative! Her exercises and insights helped me to gain so much clarity on my career path. I left every conversation feeling empowered, inspired, and capable. Things are now rapidly changing in my career and they are going exactly the way I wanted them to!


Alison Repp, Corporate Therapist

I feel so honored to be among the many women that Britt has featured on Livlyhood. Her interviewing me made me step back and really think about the kind of advice I wanted to give other women. It helped me reflect on my past experiences and realize that I had some wisdom to share, even if I hadn't ever realized it before. I also discovered that the advice I ended up giving to women in my feature was the exact same advice I often need to hear on a daily basis.

Once she shared the things that I had written, I felt more motivated to live by my own mantra and more aware of the women around me. I did end up getting some new clients from her feature and our combined giveaway but most of all, I'm so grateful for the confidence it gave me to press forward in my career journey and share my experiences with other women in the hopes of supporting and lifting each other up. I love the community she has created and feel blessed to be a part of it!


Adrienne Anderson, Interior Designer

Brittany has been such a huge help in my journey of starting my own blog. Not only does she help me feel more confident in myself, but she helps put to action what I envision. She was there every step of the way as I had questions and needed help! I always left every conversation with her feeling more confident in myself and what I was doing!


Jennifer Hanks, Blogger, Coco's Caravan

Britt is doing amazing things with Livlyhood - she's giving women a platform to talk about issues that have a real and lasting impact on their work and home lives. My passion is helping people get the tools they need to manage their emotional and mental health.

Livlyhood was the perfect means to share my own experience with others in hopes of connecting them with resources that have helped me in the past. I believe in women empowering women, and am grateful that Britt is doing the important work of facilitating that via Livlyhood.


Ashley Masters, Instructional Designer