Livlyhood Episode 2: Grief in the Workplace


"No one knows what you need but you" 

Katie Huey joins Livlyhood to share her unique perspective on handling grief in the workplace. Our conversation was so enlightening! I loved learning about the four types of people in your life during a crisis, and how to better prepare managers and employers to aid employees going through the grief process.

My favorite part of the episode is when Katie described how she discovered the bummer truth that only she knew how best to help herself when her dad passed away unexpectedly. She discusses that it's really hard to know what that is at the start, but that you can be brave and ask for what you need. Sometimes this even requires patience as you figure that out moment by moment as you go through the grieving process. It takes hard work because no one will successfully tell you what you need, so tuning into those feelings is really important.

Katie Huey is a writer, marketer, and administrator. After starting a career in nonprofit fundraising and administration, she is thrilled to now be working with a consulting team who believes companies can impact the world for good.  Her freelance writing has appeared in Invoke Magazine, Conscious Company Magazine and Hello Humans. She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado. She believes in the power of story and the beauty found in sharing personal experience. You can follow more of her story on her blog 52 Beautiful Things.

About the author, Brittany

Britt Larsen, Creator and Host of Livlyhood, is a champion of women in the workplace. She created Livlyhood to celebrate working women and to help them find joy in their jobs.

By day, Britt is a Vice President at an award-winning marketing and public affairs firm in Salt Lake City. She loves working with clients to help them refine their message and encourage people to engage civically. By night, Britt runs Livlyhood and freelance writes for several publications, including Verily and Entrepreneur.

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